Home Loans
With access to thousands of loans, Potentia Capital looks for the best home loan solution. If you are buying an investment property, buying your dream home or refinancing talk to us today.
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Home and Investment Loans

We are focused on protecting your interest. We provide a wide selection of home loans that you can choose from. Our mortgage broking arm deals with all the major banks and non-banks in Australia. We act for you, so we will always protect your interest. We will guide you into a home loan or mortgage that will suit you. Our brokers are experienced and can help you get an outstanding solution to your borrowing needs. If you are self-employed or have a bad credit history, you may need a low doc or non-conforming loan. Different home loans are available for each situation. If you are unsure which home loan will best suit you give us a call.

Investment Loans

We can help you find an investment loan that is best suited to you. From interest only facilities to principal and interest loans, we have soultions that suit you. Our team can help you look at anything from company loans to individual loans. We have a large range of investment loans that can help.


We can help you with your SMSF loans. We can help you find competitively priced SMSF loans in the market today. We work directly with your financial planner/accountant as they set up your fund. We can even help you find a SMSF loan that is also suitable for NRAS schemes.

Low Doc Loans

Potentia Capital is experienced in finding the right self-employed home loans. We offer market leading interest rates and exceptional loan options for small business and self-employed individuals.

Our home loan team works hard to find the right solution for you. We have self-employed home loan experts to guide you through the process. We may be able to arrange up to 100% LVR loans for you.

Bad Credit Loans – Credit Impaired Loans

There are times when you might experience difficulty obtaining a home loan. Having a bad credit history, late payments or needing to consolidate a large number of debts may make your home loan application unacceptable to some lenders. Potentia Capital has a range of credit impaired loans that take all of these circumstances into consideration.

Potentia Capital can source credit impaired loans specifically for borrowers who don’t fit traditional lending guidelines and may suffer from a bad credit history.